“Paper Puns : Fold, Roll, and Laugh The Ultimate Collection”

Welcome to our whimsical world of paper puns! If you’ve ever found joy in wordplay and appreciate the art of clever humor, you’re in for a treat. In this delightful blog post, we’ll unfold a collection of playful puns centered around the fascinating world of paper. From witty jokes to pun-tastic one-liners, prepare to have your funny bone tickled and your imagination rolled up in laughter. So, let’s ink-lude these paper puns and embark on a giggle-inducing journey together!

Paper puns

  • Why did the sheet of paper break up with the pencil? It couldn’t handle the commitment – always leaving a blank space!
  • I love telling jokes on paper. They always have a tear-able punchline!
  • What do you call a paper that likes to tell jokes? A pun-demic!
  • Why did the paper go to school? To improve its writing skills, of course!
  • How does a piece of paper get around town? It folds a paper airplane and takes flight!
  • Did you hear about the paper that won a contest? It was awarded for its outstanding “re-cycled” jokes!
  • I’m trying to organize my life, but it’s like trying to fold a fitted sheet – an impossible feat!
  • The paper didn’t believe in recycling jokes until it saw how they can be re-purposed!
  • What do you call a funny origami master? A “joke-i”!
  • Why did the notebook go to therapy? It needed to address its issues with constant page-flipping!

Paper puns one liners

A paper’s favorite game is “sheet and seek.”

Why did the paper get a promotion? It was outstanding in its field!

I asked the paper if it wanted to hear a joke, but it remained stationary.

The paper that won the marathon got a “sheet of honor.”

Why was the math book sad? It had too many “problems.”

The paper couldn’t find its pen pal, so it sent out a “search party.”

Why do papers make terrible comedians? They always fold under pressure.

What do you call paper with a sense of humor? A “laugh-terial.”

When the paper was elected president, it promised to bring “re-leaf” to the nation.

Why did the origami teacher quit? It couldn’t handle all the “fold-up” from the students!

Best paper jokes

  • Why did the paper become a stand-up comedian? It knew how to deliver a crisp punchline!
  • What did one sheet of paper say to another? “I’m feeling pretty sheet-y today!”
  • How do paper towels celebrate their birthday? With a rollin’ good time!
  • The paper factory hired a new employee – it was a real “sheet” of talent!
  • Why did the letter go to school? To become well-versed in paper-crafting!
  • What do you call a mischievous sheet of paper? A “wrinkle-maker!”
  • The paper airplane was confident it would win the race because it had the “flying advantage.”
  • Why did the art exhibit featuring paper creations get rave reviews? It was “paper-fectly” stunning!
  • What’s a paper’s favorite type of music? Anything with good “rhythm and sheets!”
  • How do paper artists communicate? They use the “papyrus” network, of course!

Toilet Paper Jokes That Are Not So ‘Tearible’

  • Why was the toilet paper always invited to parties? It knew how to “roll” with the crowd!
  • What do you call toilet paper that’s always in a hurry? “Fast tissue!”
  • Why did the toilet paper go to school? It wanted to get a “roll-education”!
  • The toilet paper couldn’t find its way out of the maze – it was feeling “puzzled”!
  • What do you call a toilet paper superhero? “Captain Wipe-merica”!
  • Why did the toilet paper cross the road? To get to the “other side” of the bathroom!
  • The toilet paper was feeling tired after a long day – it said, “I’m pooped!”
  • What did the toilet paper say to the bathroom faucet? “You’re really tap-tivating!”
  • How did the toilet paper win the race? It was on a “roll” to victory!
  • The toilet paper considered becoming a comedian, but it realized its jokes were too “potty” for the stage!

Funny Paper Jokes

  • Why did the paper go to therapy? It had too many “issues!”
  • What did the paper say to the pencil? “You lead, and I’ll follow!”
  • The paper wanted to play hide and seek, but it was too good at “sheet and seek.”
  • Why did the paper win an award? It was “outstanding” in its field!
  • What do you call paper that’s full of itself? “Egostick”!
  • I told a paper joke, but it was “tear-ible” – it left everyone in stitches!
  • Why do paper towels love to party? They know how to “roll” with the good times!
  • The paper loved math class because it could count on having a “sheet load” of fun!
  • What do you get when you cross a piece of paper with a comedian? A “joke-ument”!
  • The paper was feeling down, so I told it a joke. Now it’s “folded” over in laughter!

Newspaper Puns

newspaper puns
  • Why do newspapers make great comedians? They’re always delivering “headlines”!
  • What’s a journalist’s favorite bedtime story? “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” with the perfect “column inches”!
  • Why did the newspaper go to school? To improve its “report-card”!
  • How do newspapers greet each other? “Hey there, newsflash!”
  • The newspaper editor got locked out of his office – he needed a “press-ing” issue resolved!
  • What did the newspaper say to the coffee? “Let’s get together for a “pressing” morning read!”
  • Why do newspapers always have the best parties? They know how to “cover” all the details!
  • The newspaper had a “breaking news” segment during breakfast – the cereal box had a “crack-erjack” story!
  • What did the newspaper say to the detective? “I’m here to ‘report’ for duty!”
  • The newspaper couldn’t go on vacation – it was worried about missing out on all the “current events”!

Puns About Paper

  • Why do paper products have such great senses of humor? They’re experts at “fold” comedy!
  • The paper had a crush on the cardboard box, but it couldn’t muster up the “courage” to ask it out.
  • Why did the notebook get a standing ovation? It was a “note-worthy” performance!
  • I told a paper joke, but it got no reaction – it was “paper-thin” humor.
  • The paper knew all the best jokes – it had an “encyclo-pun-dia” in its pages!
  • Why did the paper give up telling jokes? It didn’t want to “crease” under the pressure.
  • What did the paper say to the pen? “Let’s stick together and create a masterpiece!”
  • The paper got a job as a comedian but kept getting “paper cuts” from all the laughter!
  • How do paper artists express themselves? Through “punny” illustrations!
  • What do you call paper that’s full of jokes? “Pun-tastic parchment”!

Paper Jokes

  • Did you hear about the paper that went to therapy? It was having a real “sheet” storm!
  • What did the paper say to the pencil? “You’ve got the ‘write’ stuff!”
  • The paper wanted to be a comedian, but its jokes were too “fold”!
  • Why did the paper feel bad about itself? It thought it was “un-ruled”!
  • How do you fix a broken paper? With “tape-stry” skills!
  • The paper challenged the pen to a duel – it was ready to “draw” the line!
  • Why did the paper go on a diet? It was tired of all the “heavy” news!
  • The paper tried to tell a joke, but it ended up “tearing” everyone apart!
  • What did one piece of paper say to the other at the office party? “Let’s ‘ream’ up and have some fun!”
  • Why did the paper win the award? It was “paparazzi” for its outstanding work!

Paper Short-Liners

  • A paper short-liner walks into a bar and orders a “sheet” of beer.
  • What did the paper short-liner say to the pencil? “You’ve got the ‘write’ moves!”
  • The paper short-liner was feeling “creased” up after hearing so many jokes.
  • Why did the paper short-liner refuse to play cards? It didn’t want to be “folded” in the game.
  • The paper short-liner had a “cutting” sense of humor that left everyone in stitches.
  • What did one paper short-liner say to the other? “I’m on a roll today!”
  • The paper short-liner won the comedy competition, but its success was “tissue-ue”!
  • How did the paper short-liner impress the audience? It “unraveled” a series of clever jokes.
  • Why was the paper short-liner always invited to parties? It knew how to “unroll” the fun!
  • The paper short-liner’s jokes were so “sharp,” they could “cut” through any dull moment.

Funny Paper Jokes and Puns

  • Why did the paper become a stand-up comedian? It had a way of “folding” the audience in laughter!
  • What do you call paper with a great sense of humor? “Haha-per”!
  • The paper told a joke, but nobody laughed – it was just too “punny” for them!
  • How does paper like to start a conversation? With a “sheet hello”!
  • Why did the paper go to school? To learn the art of “punny-writing”!
  • The paper thought about starting a comedy club, but it was afraid of getting too “creased”!
  • What did the paper say to the pen at the party? “Let’s ‘ink’-vite more jokes!”
  • Why did the paper win the joke contest? It knew how to “fold” the competition!
  • The paper was feeling low, but a good joke soon had it “unrolling” in happiness!
  • How did the paper make friends? By “drawing” people in with its humor!

Crazy Paper Short-Liners

  • The crazy paper short-liner had everyone “rolling” in the aisles with laughter!
  • What did the crazy paper say to the glue? “Stick with me, we’ll have a wild time!”
  • The crazy paper short-liner’s jokes were so unpredictable, they were “folded” with surprises!
  • Why did the crazy paper short-liner start a band? For the “paper-thin” music!
  • How did the crazy paper make friends? By showing off its “unruly” sense of humor!
  • The crazy paper short-liner’s wit was so sharp, it could “cut” through any boring moment.
  • What’s a crazy paper’s favorite kind of dance? The “twist”!
  • Why did the crazy paper refuse to work as a stand-up comedian? It didn’t want to be “pulp” fiction!
  • The crazy paper short-liner couldn’t decide which joke to tell, so it “folded” under the pressure!
  • How do you spot a crazy paper at a party? It’s the one making “tissue”-tingling jokes!

Art Puns

  • Why did the artist break up with their paintbrush? It was too “brushed” off with commitment!
  • What did the sculpture say to the painter? “You’ve really ‘brushed’ up on your skills!”
  • Why do artists make great friends? They’re always “drawing” you closer!
  • The painter had a colorful personality – they were a real “palette” of emotions!
  • How did the art thief escape? They made a “brush” for it!
  • What’s an artist’s favorite instrument? A “canvass” guitar!
  • Why did the art teacher go on a diet? To get rid of those extra “canvas” pounds!
  • The sketch artist always had a “pencil-lent” memory!
  • What did the painter say to the gallery owner? “I’m ‘canvas’-ing for a spot in your exhibit!”
  • The art critic couldn’t resist making puns about the paintings – they were quite “framing”!

Art Puns List

  • The artist’s masterpiece was a real “stroke” of genius.
  • When the sculptor couldn’t decide which material to use, they were caught in a “claymation.”
  • The art teacher was an expert at “brushing up” on students’ skills.
  • The painter loved to create art in “watercolorful” ways.
  • The mural artist was “wall” about leaving a lasting impression.
  • What did the painter say when asked about their style? “It’s all in the ‘brushwork’!”
  • The art class had a “palette” of creativity.
  • The abstract artist’s work was a “canvas-cade” of emotions.
  • Why did the sketch artist always carry a pencil? To be “drawn” to any inspiration.
  • The gallery owner knew the art business could be “sketchy,” but they loved it anyway.

Book Puns

I got lost in a book of puns. It was quite a “novel” experience!

The author decided to write a book on puns. It was a “novel-ty” project!

I tried to write a book on puns, but it ended up as a “pun-tastic” tale!

The librarian always has the best puns. She’s a real “pundit”!

Why did the book go to therapy? It had too many “plot” twists!

The detective couldn’t put the book down – it had a real “gripping” storyline!

The pun-filled book made everyone “book-smart” in humor!

The book on anti-gravity was impossible to put down – it had “out-of-this-world” content!

What do you call a book club for pun enthusiasts? The “Pun-dits Society”!

The book of puns was so funny that it left readers “bookish” with laughter!

Book Puns List

  • When I opened the book of puns, it was like stepping into a “puntastic” world!
  • The book of puns was a “novel” read that kept me hooked from start to finish!
  • The bookworm decided to write a novel about puns – it was a real “wordy” endeavor!
  • I couldn’t put the book of puns down; it had me “bound” to its humor!
  • The librarian’s book puns were so on point, she should be crowned the “Pun Queen” of the library!
  • What’s a book’s favorite dessert? A “pun”-cake, of course!
  • The detective novel was so intense, it had a “plot” thick enough to slice!
  • Why did the book refuse to reveal its secrets? It wanted to keep its “spine” tingling!
  • The book of riddles and puns was a real “page-turner” for my brain!
  • The book on dad jokes was a “literary” treasure trove of laughter!


In conclusion, our journey through the whimsical world of paper puns has been nothing short of delightful. From clever wordplay to lighthearted jokes, we’ve unfolded a collection of puns that are sure to bring smiles to your face.

Whether you’re a fan of origami, love to scribble on paper, or simply enjoy a good laugh, these puns have proven that paper-related humor knows no bounds. So, the next time you’re folding a letter, jotting down notes, or crafting paper art, remember to add a touch of pun-tastic fun to your day.

Let’s continue to explore the endless possibilities of paper puns and keep the laughter rolling!

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